Friday, October 10, 2008


I'm at work. It's my prep period. I logged on to my Pandora account. I created a few more music stations to my tastes. "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson just came on. I'm jamming! I mean, I'm getting down at my desk. Students are walking by the room laughing at the old crazy lady in A44. I just did the whole hand in front of the face, backwards wave while singing "Wooo Wooo, Chum-On!" to one of them in the hall. I feel the moon walk coming if the next MJ song is rocking! No wonder the rumor about Chez being a loon is going around! Hell, it's not a rumor.

OMG! Prince's 1999 just came! This calls for volume increase! Chair dancing at it's finest! "I was dreaming when I wrote this..." Oh yeah, I'm working it. "Party like it's 1999!" Shoulder shrug. Shoulder shrug. Booty shake! I'm having too much fun.

TGIF! Come on guys, get yourselves out from behind your desks for a Friday Dance Party! It'll make ya feel gooooooood!

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I'm The Chez said...

It's a shame that MJ is a petter-ass! His music is awesome! His judgement and mental status suck!