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To her family, she's Heather. To her friends and former students, she's The Chez. Either way, y'all are her Macaronis! Chez is a West Virginia native. Born and raised in the Charleston area; she has made many areas of the state her home from the eastern panhandle to the southern valleys. Chez holds two degrees from West Virginia University. A published writer herself, she continues to find the beauty in life and storytelling. She can most often be found with her nose in a book, obsessing over her multiple social media accounts, rearranging her elephant collection, or enjoying live music at some of her favorite watering holes.

Twitter Bio:

-in the business of education, booze, & social dynamics. -obsessive elephant collector -a never reforming drama queen w/ a slight touch of twang.
Charleston, WV · facebook.com/ImTheChez