Friday, August 29, 2008

Childhood Dreams

"A man's dreams are an index to his greatness."
-Zadok Rabinowitz

On my white board at school is the following:

When I was a kid, I had dreams I wanted to achieve in my life.
I wanted:
-to be like Daisy Duke
-to teach
-to be an actor/singer
-to become a mother
-to fall in love
-to be a bird
-to swim with the dolphins
-to meet Keanu Reeves
-to write.

The following is on the handout that I gave to each student:

1. Think back to the days of childhood. What did you want to become/do when you grew up? Are these dreams the same today? Remember this doesn't just mean employment wishes, but also wacky, creative dreams.

2. If you could pick one of those dreams, and work towards making it come true, would you?

3. What steps would be necessary to achieve your dreams? Who would be your mentors?

4. Lastly, what legacy/finger print/hand print/foot print/body print do you want to leave behind?

This is their brainstorm. Eventually, it will be come an essay, and a bulletin board reminder of what they must work for. I'll post a picture of the bulletin board when it is completed. In the mean time, allow me to explain a few of my dreams.

I was a die hard Dukes of Hazard fan as a child. It was the only way my parents could even begin to get me into the bathtub: a bribery of no Dukes until I was clean. I absolutely loved Daisy. I wanted to be Daisy, and if I could I was going to try to be just like her. Now feminists of the world, chill out for a minute and let me explain what I saw in Daisy...

Daisy was a good person. She believed in kindness and doing the right thing, no matter the cost.
Not only was she pretty, but she was smart. Countless times SHE was the one who thought of and executed the plan to get the Duke boys out of hot water. People liked her because of her honesty. She was a caregiver. She took care of Uncle Jesse and the boys. She held a job and made her own damn money. She was independent in my eyes.
I want to be the best person that I can be. I still dream of being Daisy Duke.
Dream To Reality Check

When I was little, my parents bought a big chalk board and hung it in our basement. My great aunt was a school teacher and when the county would adopt a new textbook, she would give me one copy of the old text. I would then line my stuffed animals and dolls up in rows in my basement in front of the chalkboard. I would conduct hours and hours of classroom lessons. My toys were the smartest toys in the neighborhood.

Is it any wonder that I became a teacher?
Dream To Reality Check

I have never actually been an accomplished actor or singer. In reality I can't lie to save my life, and my singing is to only be heard from the shower. Nonetheless, I have performed on the stage of the Children's Theater in Charleston, WV and sang my drunk-heart out at a karaoke bar!
Dream to Reality Check

I get a twinge of envy when I see my friends with their children. I have always wanted to be a mom. I think that I would be really good at it. I haven't had the opportunity to do that yet. However, I do consider students of the past, present, and future to be mine. I treat them like my own. Maybe my dream is slowly becoming a reality. Is it possible to have over a 1000 kids?
Dream to Reality Almost

Let's just say that I have fallen in love, twice. I'll keep those explanations to myself. I think the second time has taught me to have a great appreciation for love.
Dream to Reality Check

I wanted to glide on the wind and fly like a bird as a girl. I still want to be able to do that. It looks peaceful and quiet. I could fly any where that I wanted to and be there in no time. I never actually turned in to a bird and flew away, but I did get to para-sail one time. It's the closest thing to bird flying that I'll ever experience. It was awesome. I got to fly like an eagle!
Dream to Reality Check

I used to work with an Autistic boy in the summer time. I taught him to swim. He was deathly afraid of the water. One winter his mom took him to Florida to participate in one of the swim with the dolphin programs. Joey was never the same. He became a fish. He loved the water. We had trouble getting him out of the pool at the end of the evening. Since that time, I am in wonder at the dolphin programs. I would like to go and experience this miracle and bond that the animals have with Special Needs students.
Dream to Reality-Not yet

He is by no means the best actor on the planet, but damn is he fine! I'm afraid of ever meeting him to be honest. I would turn in to the equivalent of a Beatle-Maniac! Albeit, it is fun to loose your cool every once in a while. It reminds you of how excited you would get on Christmas morning as a kid. That kind of "pee your pants in anticipation, what did Santa leave for me" excitement! I have since then learned patience and that perhaps you shouldn't let other people's timing determine your future.

Oh well, the screen saver on my computer of him will have to be enough for now.
Dream to Reality-not yet.

I write. It is therapy. I have always written. I'm published. I will keep pursuing this dream.
Dream to Reality Check

There are more and more and more childhood dreams that I could list, but this is enough for now. I am curious as to which one will lead to my legacy. In my next revision, I'll have to think about my legacy.
What about you?