Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Scaredy Cat

<----------------This was me when I saw that one of you "Square Pegs" worshippers had let your Sweater Dress sneak out of your closet today. Seriously, the Sweater Dress ran down the hall after me and burned its corded eyes into my soul. I was scared and alone.

Why is it that of all the cool decades the 80s had to become the newest and vogue-est of the fashion trends? Don't these kids realize that once was enough!? First came the slouch boots, then the leg warmers and off the shoulder sweat shirts. I swear, if the next step is pegged jeans and jacked up belt buckles, I'll take my Cabbage Patch Kid and my Jem and The Holograms T-shirt and hit the highway! Then we will really see who is Truly, Truly Outrageous!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

That picture is hilarious. Just like this post!

MK Stover said...

The peg-legged jeans that were so tight at the ankles they had zippers.
And socks that had to be the same color as the shirt.

I'm The Chez said...

We really did have some issues in the 80s.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Your letter is E!