Friday, January 30, 2009


I'm trying desperately hard to NOT be judgemental. However, I am losing this battle. I have judgement on this particular issue. I'm also quite thankful that it wasn't me. I am kid friendly. I hope to have children some day. I applaud single mothers and fathers! It takes a village. Hopefully, all single parents have a wonderful support group. I'm not opposed to fertility drugs, but I think that my definition of responsibility might differ from some others. However, 14 children?! I'm curious as to your thoughts.

Now granted, we do NOT know many or any of the true details that surround the latest multiple birth mother. What we think we might know/or do know is the following:

1. a woman gave birth to 8 babies
2. all the babies have lived
3. there might be 6 other children at home
4. home might still be with the maternal grandparents
5. there might not be a father or a husband involved
6. the mother might still be in her 20s.
7. there was a doctor who made the decision to prescribe and offer medical advice while administering fertility drugs.
8. my mouth is definitely hanging open
9. I'm definitely scratching my head
10. the words "selfish," "mental," and "WTF" are definitely running through my head

Thoughts? Questions? Comments?

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