Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Email To Family and Friends

Dear Family and Friends,

I must warn you that we won't be seeing much of one another until the ground thaws in the midst of May. There is cause for my hasty departure, for it is the new season premier of American Idol this evening. Yes, a new season has begun! By mid May we will have yet another soon to be failing singing/songwriter/artist to forget about. However, in the mean time I will faithfully be watching as they build a new song bird every Tuesday and Wednesday and rip apart another by the wings. I will vote on Tuesday nights with the other million or so Idol obsessed individuals. On Wednesday, we will sit in our living rooms holding our breath to insure that our votes really counted! We shall spend time hating Paula, wanting to hug Randy or buy him another cheeseburger, and have thoughts of physically intense make out sessions/boxing matches with Simon. Be strong, my loved ones, and GOD BLESS the producers of American Idol.

With love, (I'm singing this)


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