Thursday, May 14, 2009

What I Know For Sure

Life has been a bit tricky lately. I wasn't necessarily thrown a curve ball lately, but I will admit, I wasn't completely ready for the pitch. With that said, when times get hectic it's easy to obsess on moments, facts, ideas that one has zero control over, times that we can't recreate, moments that are in the past for a reason. A person has to concentrate on what they know to be truth, what they can control, and to rely on the present in hopes of a better tomorrow. I have been asking myself over the last few days, "What do I know for sure? What is a constant? What can I count on to not change right now?" Here's the start of my list.

1. When involved in a relationship, be sure to keep one another high on the priority list. If you don't, you shouldn't be together. Always, always make yourself a priority.

2. Friends and The Family You Get To Pick will have your back especially when others are trying to stab you in it.

3. Honesty is the best policy even if it is painful to say or hear.

4. I love Casa Garcia's. A margarita, chips, and salsa will make any day just a little bit brighter.

5. A Yuengling and a Sam's Cheeseburger won't create world peace, but they sure do create inner peace.

6. Break ups are devastating. Break ups with the invention of technology and social media sucks!

7. 6 year olds really do say the darnedest things and often they are quite insightful.

8. The Whack Job Customer is always right.

9. In order to ever see a rainbow, you have to weather the storm.

10. Oprah was right. "What you give comes back to you." This applies to both the good and the bad. Karma.

11. Women are given a 6th sense at birth for a reason. Don't ignore it; listen to it.
12. They call it the end for a reason...because it's over. However, with every ending starts a new beginning and that's exciting. Morrie Schwartz said it best. "Don't let go too soon but, but don't hang on too long."

13. "All God's critters have a place in the choir. Some sing low. Some sing higher. Some sing outside on the telephone wire. And some just clap their hands, or paws, or fins, or claws, or anything they got now." It takes all kinds to make this world go 'round.

14. Diet Coke is indeed much better than Diet Pepsi.

15. REV RUN says, "You can't change what you won't confront." Amen.

16. The perfectly cooked steak should never been insulted with the addition of steak sauce.

17. Someone always has it worse than you. I was recently watching "Inside The Actor's Studio". Michael J. Fox was on. He was talking about having Parkinson's Disease and why he has an optimistic attitude. He relayed a story that someone in his life had told him in the early days of being diagnosed. This is paraphrased.

A group of individuals are sitting around in a circle, and Jesus or some other spiritual leader asked everyone to one at a time, tell the group their problem and then throw it into the middle of the circle. Everyone told their story and tossed their problem into the middle. At the end, the leader told them, "Now you have to take any one of the problems back. It doesn't have to be yours; it can be another's." Immediately, everyone took their own problem back. Someone always has it worse than you.

18. "I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better I do better." -Maya Angelou

19. Timshel. "Thou mayest." The gift of choice.

20. I'm still the Chez! And you are still the Macaroni!

What do you know for sure?


Bethie said...

I know for sure that I have fabulous hair and tatas and some days that is comfort enough.

Also that I'm comfortable in my own level of humility. ;)

Heather McChesney said...

Kudos to you, Bethie! I know this...a good hair day can rock your world. A bad hair day can feel like a day spent in hell. Isn't it funny how really HAIR might rule the world?!

HeatherOsborn said...

I know for sure that a great pair of shoes, with 3 inch or higher heels, are empowering. All women should own at least 1 pair of such shoes.

Heather McChesney said...

Heather! You know it, girl!

mom said...

I know for sure that I have a fabulous daughter who deserves much better than what she has baeen getting in the last few months. Word of advice...keep the heart open, you never know who or what is trying to enter.

Heather McChesney said...

I know for sure that I have a mother who just said something so nice that I broke out in sobs. Thank GAWD for planning periods.

I know for sure that Doty-McChesneys rock!

kitchengeeking said...

I know for sure that the one person who keeps us all together when we're freakin' out should know that her peeps, macaronis, and homies have more than just her back.

TucsonBob said...

You reminded me that I know for sure there's a Grant Lee Phillips song called "Nothin' is for Sure." I'm pretty sure he felt he wasn't sure about much when he wrote it, but he was sure that he had to stop saying "always." I used to think about that song (has it really been 10 years?) to keep from dwelling on a bad yesterday and worrying about an unknown tomorrow.

Heather McChesney said...

KitchenGeeking: Thanks!
TusconBob: That's a great lesson. Never and always can get a person in trouble. Unfortunately, it happens often.

The EDG said...

I hardly know where to start, all of the things on your list resonated with me in some way....I know for sure that it is so great to live life on your own terms, whatever sacrifices are necessary. The heart knows what it wants and needs, even if the mind tries to steer the bus. Best to acknowledge the heart will overide even the best laid plans of the mind. I learned this late in life, but better late than never!

Heather McChesney said...

The EDG: Thank you for reading and commenting. I agree with you on all that you said. Living your life on your terms I believe is vital to maintain some sense of individualism, sense of self, and over all sanity. Without it, we are just shells.

Anonymous said...

Wow this really makes me laugh. I think anyone who's having a crappy day should just read this to lift their spirits. It really made my day so much better. =]

I'm The Chez said...

Thanks, Hannah!!!!