Friday, May 29, 2009

The Blog-aratzi Is Likin' What You're Working With!

I was perusing my blog roll this morning when I came across my name on The EDG's blog site, Esse Diem. I was shocked and honored to be listed as a recipient of The Bella Award: One Lovely Blog. I thank The EDG very much for finding my blog to be entertaining and award worthy.

Now it is my privilege to announce the next recipients of The Bella!

Work that red carpet because you've been working it in the blog-o-sphere and someone is taking notice.

That's right ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Bella Awards. Today we would like to honor....

1. Greg Bolt, a youth minister, writes The Oregon Mountaineer. This former West Virginia resident has been transplanted into the world of Oregon where he is currently working on growing solid roots with his wife, his church community, the youth of Bend, Oregon, and praying that the WVU Mountaineers can do it this year! The Oregon Mountaineer's blog covers the vast spectrum of thought and questioning to laughter and love and all of those quirky moments in between.

2. Tina, the voice behind Scrabble Crush, is a mother of many, wife, daughter, sister, student, teacher, cook, artist, soon to be licenced counselor, listener, and self proclaimed Scrabble addict. In between doing all of these numerous activities she blogs. Her blog consists of heartwarming moments with her family and friends, pee your pants in laughter adventures, political and environmental advocacy and awareness education posts, oh yeah, and SCRABBLE!

3. The folks over at Fork You, a Charleston, WV foodie and restaurant critique blog, have provided more entertainment and opportunity for Jerry Springer-esque comments from their readers than even Body Guard Steve could hold back! There are times that the comment section of their posts take on a life of their own outside of the original post. Some may love the Fork You Kids, some may hate them, but one thing is for sure...people are reading them!

4. Bethie is never REALLY out of her element, but she loves calling the world out when they are. Every Wednesday, you must check in and check out her WTF Wednesday posts. She's always right on. Then again, why wouldn't she be, playa?!

5. The Redneck Muppet will definitely Geek Your Kitchen, and by Geek, I mean make something fun and exciting in it. Kitchen Geeking provides step by step recipes, photo blogging of food and food preparation, video of people eating what was just made in the Geek's kitchen, provide commentary on anything and all things food related. Oh and Bacon is his middle name.

6. A former student from many moons ago has created the disgustingly hilarious and at times raunchy blog I HATE SO MUCH. Her verbal skills and the ability to paint a picture, despite the topic matter, leave very little to the imagination. If you want to remember what your twenties were like, check her out. If you need a quick laugh, check her out. One thing is for sure, no one or thing is safe!

To all of those receiving The Bella, congratulations. Now pass on this award to other worthy bloggers. To all of those reading, if you haven't already, go and check out these bloggers. They are something else.


Bethie said...

Grazi, Mama!

kitchengeeking said...

I am also a proud Macaroni. 'Cuz we KNOW you're the CHEZ-iest!

wvapoker said...

Thank you. Fork you Crew.

Heather McChesney said...

Everybody is welcome!

Susan said...

Thanks, Chez! I agree with what you said about us, too. Well put!

I look forward to each and every WTF Wednesday to see what Bethie has to report.

Maxie said...

Thanks, Chez. You're right, nothing is safe on my blog :-)

Heather McChesney said...

My Weds aren't complete until Bethie has WTF'd!

Thanks, Susan. I thought it was right on. I love it!

Maxie, welcome dahlin'!