Monday, August 31, 2009

Bienvenido a Miami

My sister, the RN, signed her contract to become a travel nurse last week. She has applied for a new state license and is Miami bound at the beginning of October. Her contract is a 13 week cycle. If she finds that Miami suits her tastes, she can stay for another 13 weeks or go to some other fabulous city in the US. Did I mention that she will collect a PHAT pay check to do all of this, too?

Me on the other hand...I get to go to Morgantown for the weekend to watch the WVU home opener and party at McClafferty's. I love Morgantown and all, but where is the justice in this? Perhaps I should have gone to work for the US State Department in their overseas schools when I had the chance 8 years ago. Then again...

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