Monday, February 23, 2009

Seriously?! Are You Kidding Me?

Be sure to read the opinion piece that was in the paper on Sunday. It contains an argument to increase School Board Members' financial compensation. They are hoping to introduce a bill to the Legislature to increase payment to close to $18,000 for 50 meetings a year. On the topic of school boards not being paid adequately Snuffer, a Raleigh County Board Member, was quoted as saying, "It becomes a very thankless job. It's hard to keep attracting professional people. It just gets harder."

I have strong beliefs on the pitiful pay that educators in the state of West Virginia receive. I know how hard they work because I am one of the thousands of under paid, under appreciated teachers in the state. It's easy for people to BITCH about teachers pay when they have never stepped foot in a classroom since their own days of schooling. I've heard all of the arguments. I dispute them all. Nonetheless, teacher salaries aren't the ones being examined at the moment. We are currently looking at the argument to increase a board member's compensation. Keeping in mind that most board members in the business world are voluntary positions to begin with. They are asking for a raise that is more than what they are currently being reimbursed?! $8,000-$18,5000.

The annual pay that they are asking to be given for 50 meetings a year is more than half of the starting salary of a university or college educated beginning teacher with a Master's degree. My thoughts to those of you who are are feeling under appreciated in your elected positions: Welcome to the world of teachers in the educational field. Seriously?! Join the ranks with the group of professionals who have been underpaid and under appreciated for decades?! Welcome.

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