Monday, February 16, 2009

Getting Down At The Uptown

Sam's Uptown Cafe
28 Capitol Street
Charleston, WV 25301

Sam's Uptown Cafe has been calling 28 Capitol Street home for 14 years. People have been coming through those doors time and time again for some of the best food, service, and fun for over a decade! Sam's staff and regulars have been paying the dues and raving about one of Charleston's best kept secrets for some time. The hard work is paying off...Sam's is FINALLY considered to be a Charleston Landmark by most in the Greater Kanawha Valley.

Daily, business people, airline flight crews, and visitors of the capital city ask their hotel concierge or local dining server, "Where can I go to relax, listen to some music, be treated well, and meet some great folks with Charleston flavor?" Due to the amount of hotel car service vans that are viewed outside on Capitol Street dropping off customers, I'd say Sam's was the answer given. Sitting at the bar on any given night, you can have this conversation with a visitor from out of town and they seem very impressed with the comfort level and the hospitality that Sam's staff and regular customers have to offer. Not only do the visitors love Sam's, but there is a reason so many individuals consider themselves REGULARS to The Cafe.

If you have never been to Sam's Uptown Cafe before, then you really are missing out. Sam's has a variety of offerings and services that cater to almost any individual.

In addition to the full menu available during lunch time, Monday through Friday, Sam's offers a Blue Plate Special. Marie and the gang prepare homemade,wholesome meals that range from Chicken and Dumplings to Spaghetti and meat sauce. Each meal is accompanied by a side. If the Blue Plate isn't your cup of soup, then we might just have one that is. Sam's offers two soup de jour during the lunch shift or a wrap that varies from day to day. Robbie, a long time employee, will deliver for free within a 5 block radius. If you are near the Capital in Charleston's Historical East End, then deliveries need to be a $40 minimum, but will be delivered.

Happy Hour
Need to relax after a long day at the office? Sam's offers Happy Hour Specials from 1pm-7pm. This is a great time to meet up with friends and/or co-workers. Plenty of seating is available. Ask your bartender for daily specials.

Dinner or Late Night Grubbing
Sam's Kitchen is open until 2am! Does it get any better than that?! Might I suggest The Prime Rib Sandwich, Wings, A Greek Salad, or The Rachel! Check out the menu, you are sure to find something that you'll love!

Live Music 5 Nights A Week!
Sam's brags that they provide live music AT LEAST 5 nights a week. From Open Mic Nights on Tuesdays to local, regional, and nationally labeled bands playing Wednesdays-Saturdays! Be sure to check out the band schedules on the myspace page.

Sports Watching Needs
They can all be met here. Sam's has definitely become an unofficial West Virginia University Sports Bar. However, they will allow the occasional opponent to venture in through the doors. Sam's sports TVs in every wall and corner in The Cafe, both upstairs and downstairs. Sam's subscribes to a satellite service. Therefore, 9 times out of 10 they have what you are wanting to watch!

Beers and Libations
Sam's Uptown Cafe almost always has what anyone is looking for. If they don't, they'll try there hardest to get it. From micro-brews and imports to everyday domestics and old favorite standbys, Sam's has what you want and need to take the edge away.

For this and many other reason that you will just simply have to find out for yourself, Sam's is a special asset to the downtown Charleston Music, Business Lunch, and Night Life Scene. If you haven't been, come and give it a try. If you have, then they will be sure to see you come through those doors again shortly!

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just you wait bethie...

I'm The Chez said...

Honestly, if I had the start up cash, can you imagine the marketing/advertising career I could have with local businesses?!