Friday, November 14, 2008

Darth Greco Returns

iPhone has an application out called Star Wars The Force Unleashed. Basically, there are 5 characters that you can pick from. They each have their own personal biography and a specialty LightSaber with which you can haul off and kick some ass. You can even play theme music as you are wiping out the Galaxy. It's tons of fun.

The other day, I noticed that I had an application update. I updated, only to find that now I can create my own character on the LightSaber application! What fun! With that said, there was only one person that we thought could become the next Dirty Jedi Character on my iPhone. Introducing...Darth Greco!

Darth Greco

He's one diiirty Jedi!

After his entire race of people were slaughtered by the Genotians, he vowed to seek revenge on them. The Genotians populated 70% of the known Universe, inhabiting 13 planets. Consuming the lives of 400 billion beings and single handedly responsible for the extinction of over 13 different species in the known Universe, Darth Greco seeks his revenge by first mesmerizing his enemy with his rhythmic style of the Bass before handing out the enemy's punishment with The Saber!

Beware of Darth Greco. He has been spotted in the downtown vicinity of Charleston, WV-specifically the Capitol Street block between the library and the boulevard. He is not to be startled. Approach him with care. If you hear the low grumblings of discontent and disgust, move away from the Greco before you are handed out the punishment. It is wise to align yourself with his people. They will destroy those who are not among them.

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