Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pandora's Box

No, this isn't going to be a naughty blog or one based on mythology. It is however, a very cool website that a friend has introduced me too. Pandora is a Music Genome Project. Basically, if you have ever bought anything off of Amazon or iTunes, you see on the side "people who bought this also bought this..." The same thing happens with Pandora. You preform a search for a specific musical group or genre. Pandora automatically sets up a radio station (commercial) free that contains that particular group and many other artists that are compared to them or similiar. It is awesome! You can set up several different radios and then even shuffle them up as an option.

If you have an iPhone, the application is free. I read where they are sync'd with a few of the other web-browser phones as well. You can also log on to the site via the internet. Did I mention that it is free, too!

What I like best is that there is tons of music out that that I would never experience if it weren't for someone or something saying "Hey, I noticed you like this particular band. You should check out so and so." Now I have a radio program that does this for me. Go and check it out!!!

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