Wednesday, April 7, 2010

West Virginia

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W.Va. Girl

by Mike Morningstar

You've been carryin' heartache 'round these small and dirty towns
Clutched-up in your heart and soul Bluefield to Wheeling town
I've seen you down in the coal mine shacks, in the mountains of the north
And the southern farmlands cracked your hands, to show these men your worth

West Virginia Girl I've loved you from the start, WVa Girl these songs I sing for you
For I know God loves you in his heart, God knows I love you too

With all the weight of decades upon you as you strive
With the poverty around your door, the wisdom in your eyes
Don't the coal dust ever make you weep as it sifts into your sod
Don't your tears e'er seem to blur your sleep, come a dreamin' out for God

You have seen your sons and husbands carried from those mines
With a "coal tattoo" deep in their chest, a death stare in their eyes
Down in Farmington I heard your cries and I felt your misery too
Small comfort tho' my song may bring, I'm singin' it for you

Now I sing this song for every West Virginia Girl I've known
And for every one I'll never know who shares this mountain home
For my Mama and my Grandma, all who gave their love to me
For the Gypsy and her mother, and the "one who would not be"

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I'm The Chez said...

My friend, Sarah, posted part of this song on facebook. I found it to be quite fitting, so I blogged it.