Monday, April 12, 2010

Student Memorial Speech

Unfortunately, the eastern end of Kanawha County has experienced a massive amount of loss in the last decade since the doors opened at the consolidated high school.  From the deaths of students and family members, to house fires and floods leaving children and families homeless.  Riverside High School was not an exception when being stricken with grief and loss from the most recent Mine Explosion.  Many of our students and community members knew and loved one of the men that lost their lives in the mine that day. 

Riverside High School students opted to hold a memorial service for fallen Warrior, Cory Davis on Friday.  His family attended as did his school and community family.  I would like you to take a minute and read The Memorial Speech that one of our students gave during the service.  Her words are honest, universally West Virginian, and moving.  Student Memorial Speech.

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