Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Public Education: Something I Am Beginning To Believe The Public Knows Nothing About

I am saddened by today's article in the Gazette that announces that the five principals are stepping down.  Three of the principals I know personally and they are excellent at their jobs.  They have hard jobs!  Nonetheless, the dedication to their schools, teachers, students, and community is amazing!  The comments that have appeared on the online edition of the paper are appalling and personally attacking. 

It amazes me just how clueless the general public is about public education, yet they feel the need to open their ignorant mouths to spew unintelligent drivel.  I am completely and totally offended by the general public's remarks about teachers and administrators in Kanawha County.  Yes, there are both good and bad school faculty members, but when will we start addressing culture, parental involvement, community accountability, and overall negative mindset towards the betterment of the next generation?  When will everyone attempt to climb on board and start working on solutions rather than blame placing?  Isn't the point of an education to better the next generation and to better oneself?  How do we begin this process? 


kevbar1977 said...

Read the news article, a classic case of bureaucracy in action. And now we have heath care REFORM! Whoopeeee!

Anonymous said...

Check your spelling. It is APPALLING for an English teacher to misspell words in a public forum. R

I'm The Chez said...


Thank you for your editing. You are correct in your remark. It was a gross oversight on my part. I hope that you are as diligent with your own students.