Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WV Brochure Nomination Information

So the following email found it's way into my inbox this morning...

Oh who am I kidding?! I wrote the damn thing. I am one of three behind the marketing of Sam's Uptown Cafe. In any case, I believe that the WVDT and Collaborative for the 21st Century Appalachia are fantastic for putting this project together! It provides a great opportunity for locally owned, locally run, locally patronized businesses to prosper! Think about some of your favorite locally owned restaurants around the state, and start nominating them! However, remember who sent you there; one of the people behind the Sam's Site!!!!


There has been a calling for a best local dining of WV list. The WV Division of Tourism and Collaborative for the 21st Century Appalachia has decided to team up to create a brochure listing WV's 101 unique places to dine. They are wanting to profile places that the locals know about and go to consistently and constantly. They are currently taking nominations until April 15th. After that date, a group of individuals will review the nomination lists and the information provided with each nomination. A brochure will be created containing the list of 101 restaurants. These brochures will be placed in Welcome Centers around the state, in in-and-out of town bus tour companies, Visitor Centers, etc. In short, tons of FREE promotion and exposure!

Now wouldn't it be absolutely great if Sam's was featured in that brochure?! You can help make this happen by nominating Sam's Uptown Cafe. All you have to do is go to this website: If you have any questions that you need to have answered in order to fill out the form, please feel free to shoot an email and the information will be provided for you. You have the address, phone number, email, and website address already listed at the bottom of this email. Let's help get Sam's into this brochure!

Thanks everyone!

Sam's Uptown Cafe

28 Capitol Street
Charleston, WV 25301


You can now follow Sam's on and!

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