Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Education or Endangerment? Seriously?!

I'm shocked and amazed that there are individuals out there that truly believe that the President is going to attempt to brain wash our students today. I wonder how many of these individuals have read the pre-published speech prior to making their ridiculous judgement? I have many an idea as to what the real problem with some individuals might be. Not everyone has moved towards the 21st Century.

I find it unfortunate that some individuals wouldn't want children to hear a message directed to our future about personal responsibility and how they play a huge role in the state of our nation. Then again, it is a personal freedom to not listen and have a personal opinion no matter how ludicrous it may seem to me and others. With that said, it is distasteful that the office of the President is not always respected regardless of personal party preference.

I look forward to the dialog that will hopefully take place afterward.


Maxie said...

They are not showing it in Washington County at all and here they're showing it with parent consent.

It's disgusting and unamerican. I'm sure that all of the people complaining claim that they are so incredibly patriotic, but yet they won't let OUR PRESIDENT speak to the youth. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about.

I'm The Chez said...

In Kanawha County we are viewing it. However, if a parent calls and doesn't want their child to watch it, or if a child refuses, we are to give them an alternate assignment. I'm annoyed that they won't let us watch it live, but rather are taping it so that the whole school can watch it at 2:15.

My biggest issue is the lack of respect for the office that is taking place. When I was in school, we stopped what we were doing anytime the Prez spoke or a shuttle went to space! It was part of learning and educating yourself. I'm too annoyed to continue at the moment.

I'm The Chez said...

My issue is this...everyone is entitled to personal opinion and the right to determine what their child should or should not view. I find it amazing, however, that a parent wouldn't want to have their child pay respect to the Office of the President by listening to a message from the President about personal, educational responsibility and looking toward and preparing the future.

Are Obama's ideas that radical or are we dealing with people's fear, ignorance, and inability to move beyond color and religion?

I'm The Chez said...

My blog posts to facebook via the notes section. My friend Rebecca left this comment on my page. I felt it was appropriate to post here for you all to see.

"Indoctrination, ridiculous. The President represents our entire nation, it is absolutely appropriate for him to solicit students to write a letter suggesting how they think they can help steer the nation. It's called "civic engagement" and it's something we should all be encouraging our children to do. If kids and their parents don't agree with the President's policies, then write him a letter about how to change them."