Sunday, June 21, 2009

True Blood Drinking Game

Beth and I have decided, being the avid True Blood AND alcohol fans that we are, to develop a True Blood Drinking Game. We hope that you all enjoy your own version of fun! This Sunday, it's True Blood with some Ya Ya Margaritas. (recipe to follow after the jump)

True Blood Drinking Game

-1 drink whenever Bill says, "Sooookie."
-1 drink when any 'bubbies' are displayed.
- 2 drinks when Sookie's 'bubbies' are displayed.
-3 drinks when witness to vampires biting.
-1 drink whenever Sam's shifts, either from human to dog or dog to human.
-1 drink for every Pam eye roll.
-1 drink every time Tara's mom mentions Jesus.
-drink for the duration of Mary Anne's quiver.
-1 drink when Jason prays.
-4 drinks when Jason 'bones' a chick.
-Finish the rest of your beverage every time Sookie gets pissed at Bill.
-2 drinks when Erik hits on Sookie.

Have fun. Thank goodness True Blood is only an hour long!

Ya Ya Margarita Recipe

1 12oz can of Frozen Limeaid
12 oz of tequila (use the now empty limeaid can)
1 12 oz bottle of corona
1 12oz can of Sprite

Pour over ice and enjoy!

"I wanna do bad things to you...."


Bethie said...

It's almost time! I'm so stoked!

how to buy term paper said...

I love when I drunk, it is soo funny.