Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm Back

After one devastating break up, shifting around some major priorities, a wonderful friend moving away from Charleston, a new summer gig, a minor Internet scandal, and several bottles of liquor, Advil, and Gatorade, I'm back! It hasn't been an easy couple of months, but survival mode kicked in and I have emerged on the other side victorious! `I will once again pick back up in the blogging world. Stay tuned for more adventures in the lives of Chez and her Macaronis.

With that said, I would like to give some shout outs to a few individuals.

Ian Bode and Chet Lowther will be showing at Chet's studio on Hale Street tonight during The Art Walk. Check out what they have been up to.

Steph Andrews and Brent share an art space at 1033 Quarrier St. They are also participating in The Art Walk. See what they have in store.

Support all of the local artisans in the area! Get out there and do The Art Walk.

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