Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Dark Cloud Hangs Over Morgantown

Unless you live under a rock, then you are well aware of the disaster that is currently happening at West Virginia University. The names Garrison and Bresch will forever be intertwined with scandal and dishonesty. I haven't yet decided on my stance as to whether I believe that Garrison should resign or be forced to resign. I'm struggling with that decision. However, one aspect of the situation that I have a definite opinion about is what happened at the graduation ceremony this weekend.

I was appalled at the behavior of the students and the teacher at graduation. The Gazette reported that they "politely" refused to shake hands with Garrison. There is nothing polite about improper HOME TRAINING! No matter what one's stance is on the situation, one should not be disrespectful. One might not respect the man in the position, but one better damn well respect the position, the office, the sanctity of a graduation ceremony, the degree, and most importantly, THE UNIVERSITY!

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