Thursday, January 14, 2010


Technology has advanced the human race to such extremes that the activities and things that we can do sometimes seems like a dream rather than a reality.

Humans can send a man to the moon.
People can communicate in real time to others on the other side of the world.
A US citizen can literally be in London for a business meeting in less than 8 hours.
 School age children can create video games for learning purposes.

Scientist can predict storms and when the Earth might tremble.  However, all the technology in the world can't stop the natural devastation that can occur during those moments.  Please, during this time remember the human condition and the commonalities that all human beings share.  Donate money, time, services, or goods.  Pray, whisper, sing, meditate.  Keep the people of Haiti and their loved ones in your heart.

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I'm The Chez said...

My friend, Sarah, had this link attached to her status message:

It's a list of several charitable organizations.