Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World AIDS Day


Buzzardbilly said...

Oh! As fate would have it I'm wearing one of my Mercury Phoenix Trust (an organization that raises money to fight AIDS in honor of Freddie Mercury) today. I have several. It's one of the causes that gets a donation from here when donating time rolls around. It's not a ton, but every bit helps.

Locally, Covenant House is an excellent non-profit doing a lot of great work in WV to fight AIDS and they can always use more donations too.

Thanks for putting the word out!

Lindsey said...

Clicks invisible 'like' button repetitively.

I went on a trip a couple of summers ago and got to help out with the Convoy of Hope. I remember talking with this family as helping carry groceries to the car. I remember the mother telling me about how greatful she was for those free groceries because times were really hard. I remember her telling me about her mother recently passing away due to HIV/AIDS - she put up one hell of a fight though. Even though I never met the woman, I admired that.

Remembering that the folks that have to live with this are actual people with personalities, characteristic traits, friends, families, lives - just like anyone else - sure could help us build a better society of fighting AIDS . . . fighting the stereotypes.