Thursday, November 1, 2007

Seven Souls

Author's note: This piece was written in 1991 when I was 12 or 13 years old. The seven individuals that the title refers to are 6 of my very dear friends who were my best friends at the age of 12 and continue to be some of the best women that I know today. It has become a tradition that at each one's bridal brunch we present her with a framed copy of the poem. Though it is not the best writing that I have ever put forth, the sentiment is of the greatest.
(7 + 2 that we picked up along the way. )

Seven Souls

The love that is in the seven souls is fading.

What little is left, others are beginning to steal.

They give excuses for the changes;

Excuses they all know are not real.

These seven souls were once one body.

Together, they could do anything.

As one, nothing was out of their reach.

As one, they reigned as king.

The seven souls could have ruled the world,

If they would have stayed as one.

But the time and love moved forward.

A wall was built - left was to run.

They ran from each other looking for love.

The answer to that can be found.

But they search in the wrong places.

In the mother body it is kept sound.

The seven souls must break down the wall.

Brick by brick it can unfold.

Hard work and patience is all it takes.

The love can be found; the heart is of gold.

Inside the mother body the heart still beats.

It's pattern and rhythm are very weak.

It grows stronger as the wall begins to break.

The seven souls have found the love they did seek.

So I looked to the man in the moon to help me find a way

to save my lonely sisters before the break of day.

Now on a clear night

when the moon is just right

Second star from the left, see seven angles fly.

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